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Antique Furniture Upholstery

Antique furniture last a long time. However, nothing lasts forever. It will eventually break and lose its beauty. When this happens, you’ll want to find quality antique furniture upholstery to give the furniture a new lease on life.

Such custom upholstery requires delicate attention. Breaking it would be tantamount to burning your investments. Entrust us to provide quality services and products – we offer helpful and productive hands to give you the best.

However, more complicated cases may demand professional attention. Maybe you’re unsure of the size of the fabric to be attached or lack the skills needed to make the furniture look better. With New West Upholstery Shop , you don’t have to worry about an imperfect fit or colors that don’t match. We have you covered.

Another reason to hire a furniture expert would be the piece’s value. You don’t want to risk breaking a classical piece just because you don’t trust someone with your upholstery. If you live in Highland, CA or surrounding areas and are in need of a upholstery shop, there’s someone who can help. Contact New West Upholstery Shop to learn what we can do for you.